Company Overview


Guidewire Consulting (Guidewire) is a services company specializing in enterprise architecture and strategic software development consulting.


Guidewire brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to help solve your problems. Focusing on the positions of medium to large healthcare operations within the current Health and Life Sciences IT industry, we understand industry trends and the best strategies to cope with competition, new regulatory policies, and software development practices in a proactive, strategic manner.


Guidewire Consultants have done pioneering work in Health IT. Our members have been instrumental in using ontologies and semantic technologies in production systems for more than three years. Working in federal, private, and standards organizations, we have led efforts in creating and using formal Architecture frameworks such as HL7's SAIF, and in finding ways to make architectures agile and useful everyday.


Guidewire focuses on service oriented methodologies to understand your systems and their current capabilities. Bringing an informatics focus to modern software develpoment and design problems allows us to build for today and tomorrow, and to provide both tactical and strategic solutions. Most of all, we understand the path to get from one to the other - we build end-to-end software solutions, including all phases of design, implementation and governance. We specialize in frameworks that allow for semantic precision in the health space, allowing extensible system designs to be built within the context of a larger enterprise solution.


We bring a semantic approach to healthcare knowledge management that helps healthcare vendors, biomedical researchers, public health organizations, and government agencies improve the quality, comparability, and accessibility of clinical information.Guidewire consists of an experienced healthcare and life sciences IT team with a strong history of success in software design and development from enterprise systems to shrink wrapped products to enterprise integration, both intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise, including enterprise application integration and data migration and integration. When it comes to healthcare IT, Guidewire delivers working software from its experienced healthcare IT team.


We provide unique expertise and unparalleled experience in terminology services, HL7 messaging, enterprise data modeling, governance, and implementation of advanced reasoning services. We have built, deployed and maintained a wide variety of enterprise solutions across some of the largest healthcare, life sciences, and public health institutions in the world. Our solutions are easily maintained and support evolutionary development as requirements, information and derived institutional knowledge change. Our consultants leverage the semantic software industry’s advanced techniques and tools to help manage and utilize national standards in vocabulary, health care information models and enterprise architecture frameworks to solve the most complex health care information problems while respecting the years spent developing in-house solutions that must be integrated.