John Koisch

Chief Executive Officer

John Koisch has over 16 years of experience in information technology with 8 in healthcare IT. He has pioneered efforts at bringing health IT standards into the development space. John has worked at the strategic levels of a number of organizations, and has led architects and developers in a variety of health and life science integration projects. He is a principal in Guidewire, and directs its research efforts, product development, and standards engagements.

Prior to joining Guidewire, John has held a variety of leadership and development roles in healthcare IT and standarards development organizations. He has developed a contract-driven development and system specification framework. He designed and led development in a Service Oriented Architecture to the DoD's Western Regional Medical Command. In addition to application architecture, he also contributed to the DOD's CDA Implementation Guide, participates in HL7 actively on various service-oriented projects, and has developed a framework for binding web services to HL7's rich information models.

John has a bachelor's degree in physics / astronomy, with focuses on math from Texas Christian University and is certified in a number of relevant technologies.

Paul J. Boyes

Chief Operating Officer

Paul J. Boyes has over 18 years experience in software development and information technology, with 8 in healthcare IT, successfully developing products, solutions and systems for large software companies, the Federal Government, and small startups - from large electronic health records integration projects to streaming media solutions. He understands that working software and services that meet customers needs are paramount. Mr. Boyes is a principal in Guidewire, and directs its service engagements.

Prior to joining Guidewire, Paul has long history of success in a variety of management, enterprise architecture, and software development roles with employers and clients including, the National Cancer Institute, Grid Networks, Department of Defense, Audiobase, and Microsoft. He brings a strong, well rounded technical background and commitment to customer services.

Paul holds a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Virginia.

Craig Cunningham

Director of Business Development

Craig Cunningham has over 30 years of experience in information technology including Federal contracting sales and service, along with 10 years selling information solutions to the healthcare industry. He is an entrepreneur focusing on developing business opportunities by applying advanced technology to solve real world problems. His strong technology background and business understanding help him understand and create solutions to our customers current and emerging needs.

Proir to joing Guidewire, Craig has a long history of successful management and software engineering. As founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ontoreason LLC Craig drove the creation and sale of innovative national standards based health informatics solutions. Craig is also a founder of and current Chief Executive officer of Avenida Information Technology LLC a mobile application software development and management services company.

Mr. Cunningham holds a Bacheolor of Science Degree in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and has authored a variety of papers, presentations, and articles focusing on applied artificial intelligence in defense and medical informatics.

Steve Ohmert

Director of Engineering

Steven Ohmert is entering his third decade of developing professional software. A co-founder of software companies in the past from an award-winning commercial game and educational product studio to a peer-driven streaming video distribution technology company, Steve brings to Guidewire his perspective and experience as well as his technical capabilities.

Steve understands that software development for healthcare is largely about connecting people and their data together. Data that is used becomes information. Information that is understood becomes knowledge. Knowledge that is accessible forms solutions. Facilitating this requires a long-range view with short-term goals and solutions that work today and into the future.

As Director of Engineering, Steve works to identify, build, and coordinate the enabling technologies that work together to form solutions for Guidewire customers through development of product, frameworks, and tools that work together.

Eric Schripsema

Principal Engineer