Knowledge Management and Decision Support

Guidewire Consulting brings a semantically-centered approach to knowledge management solutions that help healthcare vendors, biomedical researchers, public health organizations, and government agencies deliver on their missions and work together. Our solutions improve the quality, comparability, and accessibility of clinical information across the health architecture and to help share information. Leveraging the semantic representation of an organization's information, our solutions allow for the adoption of a consistent set of knowledge bases that support the assimilation of an organizations data into powerful information and actionable knowledge. These approaches take vocabularies and terminologies into account as a first principle, rather than leaving it for an afterthought.

Guidewires employs a model driven approach to architecture implementation, using semantic knowledge representation to achieve breakthrough enterprise integration. For many organizations, this is a game-changer, enabling data sharing, system interoperability, and software reuse.

Guidewire Consulting is positioned to assist organizations in building their own knowledge management infrastructure, assisting in the population of the knowledge base, and providing governance of its contents. Guidewire consultants have extensive experience in helping its customers make use of the knowledge infrastructure to promote system and data interoperability and enterprise integration.

Our understanding of cutting-edge semantic-web technologies in combination with a flexible service-oriented strategy and business process tooling enable us to deliver usable solutions that provide semantic consistency and extensible design to form a new foundation for your infrastructure needs.