Standards Strategy and Development

With Meaningful Use, Accountable Care Organizations and the increased demand for healthcare interoperability, having a standards strategy has never been more important. Understanding the business ramifications from regulation to implementation is critical.

Guidewire Consulting has extensive experience and expertise in healthcare interopability standards. We have successfully worked at the federal level to influence national strategy. We have driven standards standards development with HL7 and OMG by writing draft standards, contributing to existing standards, and holding chair positions on the Architectural Review Board and of various working groups. And, we have successfully implemented standards such as CDA in working healthcare systems including the Dept of Defence and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

We believe that the best proof of a working standard is adoption through creation of working software. Both the creation of the standard and working software must be iterative with constant feedback. Many healthcare interoperability and information standards are, by nature, very complex. We believe that it is very important to provide a clear path for software developers or adoption will be difficult to non-existent.

From strategizing standards creation to influencing and interacting with standards devleopement organizations to on the ground implementation, Guidewire delivers