Strategic Consulting

Guidewire Services has learned through direct experience how to assist our customers develop strategic plans that meet their objectives. Organizations require schedules that are achievable by those charged with the implementation while still supporting ongoing operations. This requires working across organizational boundaries with deep clinical, technical and business operations expertise.

Meaningful use requirements are driving significant changes in healthcare IT infrastructure. Guidewire's core medical informatics background, our work with the national standards bodies, and our understanding of enterprise integration solutions give us the background to assist our customers in transitioning their organizations IT infrastructure for the future. Guidewire Services brings a balance of clinical, technical and business expertise to help our customers develop strategic plans that are best suited to implement the required organizational changes.

Guidewire Consultants participate in the national standards development process, contribute to the national health architecture, and provide strategic guidance to a number of government and private healthcare institutions with a focus on using information technologies to provide a foundation for performance improvement.

Our work with client companies is built around our unique clinical knowledge in conjunction with our expertise in semantic infrastructure and developing enterprise architectures to build workable IT business strategies. It is a streamlined, hands-on methodology designed to ensure that course and direction are well thought-out, and that the resources of the organization are sharply focused in support of that course and direction.