2011-10-03: EXPANSION - Guidewire Architecture Expands Its Team

We would like to announce an exciting change at Guidewire Architecture. We have expanded our team and services offerings and changed our name to Guidewire Consulting.

Guidewire is expanding its approach to Health IT, architecture, and consulting becoming a full service consulting organization, offering best in class strategic consulting, architecture, ontology and semantics, software development, medical informatics, and project management.

Guidewire has hired Craig Cunningham as Director of Business Development, Steve Ohmert as Director of Engineering, and Eric Schripsema as Principal Engineer. John Koisch has taken the role of Chief Executive Officer and Paul Boyes is now Chief Operating Officer. Changing our name to Guidewire Consulting better embodies our broader take on the healthcare space.

As we move forward, we are committed to providing the tools, education, software, and support to help industry leading developers succeed in Health and Life Sciences IT. No architecture or strategy can be successful unless it empowers good developers to innovate. In the next few months, Guidewire Consulting will roll out a menu of products that work in tandem with our service offerings to support our customers. These products will also become the foundation of an innovation sandbox that we will support for demonstrations and collaborative development with our partners. By bringing solutions, infrastructure, and prototypes to reality sooner, working software will show organizations what success looks like.

We have rededicated our selves to solving the real business problems facing Healthcare IT today. Helping our customers navigate the challenges of regulatory requirements, improve the quality of care, and develop true competitive advantage and maximizing return on investment for our customers' IT dollars.

Guidewire Consulting would love a chance to partner with you to