2011-09-26: NAME CHANGE - Guidewire Architecture changes its name to Guidewire Consulting

Beginning in September 2011, Guidewire Architecture became Guidewire Consulting. We felt that we had reached the limits of marketing Architecture into the Health IT space, and were sending a confusing message about ourselves and where we wanted to be. After all, it was never just about the architecture - it was about finding ways to make interoperability easier and more scalable. Architecture had been our one word answer for that, but things change. And that's not even addressed to the folks who always thought we built buildings.

The landscape for Health IT, and IT in general, has changed significantly since we set out on our journey in 2002. In one sense, there is more architecture than ever before, as the era of the lone java programmer is coming to a close and is replaced by armies of framework configuration assistants. New developers, maintenance engineers, and refactoring programmers are faced with a spaghetti bowl of API's and deployment architectures that have deep impacts on the IT bottom line. This was the opposite of where we thought we were going! Turns out that what most people thought of as architecture turned out to be ossified, stratified, and rarefied skeletons of last year's IT conference.

We believe that it's time to readdress ourselves to our belief in architecture. We believe that it can be an agile component in complex, distributed environments - This is where we started, and where we continue to believe focus is needed. But that can only be done within the larger milieu of business models, strategic planning, adapting to market and regulatory pressures, and finding ways to empower good developers to innovate. After all, the problem is not technology, but the relationships of technology to the people involved and the business it represents.

So we have changed our name to Guidewire Consulting, and we have started a products division (more on that soon) that is dedicated to finding the solutions that demonstrate excellence in their corner of IT space. This is a more comprehensive approach to our customers that takes into account a more comprehensive picture of the IT landscape than ever before. These dimensions were always present in our notion of architecture, but now we are working with our customers to share that understanding and find its benefits. When implementing Health IT solutions has more long term consequences and impacts than ever before, this is the right move.