Strategic Consulting

We look at your IT strategy not only from a technological perspective, but within the scope of business models, regulatory policies, budgetary models, enterprise architecture, and strategic partnerships. We evaluate your organization and provide a roadmap that charts a course for your future to give your firm competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

From our perspective, Strategic consulting is a multifaceted undertaking. We don't want to give you a plan that you put on the shelf; we want to provide you with a roadmap that supports working software in your organization. We will help you balance short term wins with the long view to help put your organization on the right track to maximizing the return on your IT dollar.

We provide:

  • All services from Enterprise Architecture and Integration plus
  • Strategic Evaluation and Report
  • Standards Strategy and Development
  • Infrastructure Modeling
  • Architecture Modeling
  • Strategic Roadmap creation and metrics toolkits
  • Inter-organizational Strategy and Solutions (RHIO)
  • Infrastructure Solutions